American Eagles: Silver coins run better than gold coins

Eagle Gold Coins

The U.S. Mint sold 11,500 ounces of gold in the form of the American Eagle gold coin last month. This is stated on the manufacturer’s website. Compared to the previous month, sales of these gold coins have doubled (+109 percent). However, only half of the volume of October 2018 was delivered (-53 percent). At 138,000 ounces, the 10-month figures are 37 percent below those of the same period last year.


Gold Buffalo

In October, 3,000 American Buffalo gold coins were sold at one ounce each (previous month: 2,500). Sales for the period January to October total 55,000 units. At the same time last year, the figure was 114,500. Due to the smaller circulation, the Buffalos are sold at a slightly higher price than the American Gold Eagles.


Silver coin American Eagle

Sales of silver coins were at the level of the past five months. In October, 1,110,500 silver Eagles were sold. This was almost 9 percent more in the previous month and 22 percent less than in October 2018. 14,500,500 silver ounces were delivered between January and October. The result is at least 7 percent up on the previous year.



If one extrapolates the respective sales to the monthly average price (basis: London P.M.), then one arrives at the following comparable base turnover/material values for October (gold: $ 1,494.80 / silver: 17.62):

  •      American Gold Eagles: 17,190,200 US dollars
  •     American Silver Eagles: 19,567,010 US dollars


So last month more money was flowing into silver coins than into gold Eagle coins. Overall, however, gold turnover dominated. The material value of the American Buffalos sold was 4,484,400 US dollars.