Bitcoin course turning in sight? 7 fundamental reasons why BTC is growing again soon

The Bitcoin price is currently only a few hundred euros above the USD 9,000 mark and the volatility has been at a very low level for weeks. At the same time, many altcoins such as Chainlink, Cardano or Dogecoin are experiencing a real spring. But how long will this development continue? Technically, an important indicator sent a buy signal a few days ago and gives hope for a rally soon. But fundamentally, things look excellent for Bitcoin. In this article we give you a short update on these fundamentals, which give hope for a turning point in price developments and great things for the Bitcoin course in the future.


Strong fundamentals for Bitcoin

Many in crypto space often pay particular attention to the development of the Bitcoin price and its technical development. While this is usually justified, it is at least as important to take a closer look at Bitcoin’s fundamental data from time to time. After all, it is these that make price increases possible and justify them in the long term. In the current, relatively tense consolidation phase, it is worth taking a look at the so-called “fundamentals” at BTC. Many of them look very bullish at the moment, write new all-time highs and thus hope for an early positive change in the Bitcoin price.