Bitcoin for President! Crypto entrepreneur Brock Pierce is running for US elections

The US elections have already produced many illustrious candidates. In addition to rapper Kanye West, Brock Pierce wants to start the race for office in the White House in 2020. The 39-year-old former child actor is a big proponent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Brock Pierce is a busy and successful entrepreneur in FinTech and gaming as well as in the area of digital currencies. He is considered a pioneer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and has played a major role in shaping some developments in the crypto scene: he is the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, co-founder of the blockchain companies and Blockchain Capital and the EOS Alliance.


Coinmarketcap and Tether

He also belonged to the team behind Tether (USDT), the (at least in theory) 100 percent covered coin, currently ranked third on Coinmarketcap. He was also co-founder of the currency and communication protocol Mastercoin, renamed Omni in 2015. By the way, Mastercoin was not only the first utility token ever, but also went down in crypto history as the first ICO. According to his very successful business activities, the multi-entrepreneur’s estimated net worth in 2019 was $ 400 million. In addition, Pierce is said to have over $ 1 billion in Bitcoin.