Bitcoin has a small crash but there is good news

After hitting its low for the year on March 13th at $ 4,570, the Bitcoin price broke the magical $ 10,000 barrier a few days ago. But the joy didn’t last long, as less than a day later the course crashed briefly to under $ 9,000 dollars. However, investors are not impressed by this, as the latest CME futures data show.


More than 16,000 future contracts

The CME Group is one of the largest exchanges for trading stocks, raw materials and cryptocurrencies – even if Bitcoin is not supposed to be an asset class, according to Goldman Sachs. The company was founded in 2007, today the Chicago Stock Exchange employs more than 4,500 people. In December 2017, CME officially launched futures for Bitcoin (BTC), and there have been option contracts for the world’s largest cryptocurrency since 2020.The enormous price volatility, which was extraordinary even for the crypto market, has unsettled many investors. At first the joy was great about the breakthrough of the $ 10,000 mark, even greater disappointment about the subsequent crash within less than 24 hours. But institutional investors will not be irritated by this, as the latest data from the CME Group show.