Blockchain: An App in the Port of Rotterdam is testing container handling

Since day one, automation and acceleration have been key promises of blockchain technology. The port of Rotterdam now asserts this when handling containers. The Port of Rotterdam Authority started a pilot project on July 9th that should enormously speed up the handling of incoming freight containers. Europe’s largest port uses a blockchain app for this. This comes from the pen of the Antwerp blockchain start-up T-Mining.


Various sizes from shipping and logistics

According to the associated press release, various sizes from shipping and logistics are participating in the pilot project. These include, for example, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, ONE-Line and MA-CGM. The length of this test phase is initially set at three months. According to Emile Hoogsteden, managing director for business and trade at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the use of the Secure Container Release app should make the port “smarter, faster, more efficient and safer”.


Token instead of PIN

The port staff in Rotterdam bring hundreds of containers ashore every day. These have to be recorded and processed in a system. Only then can freight forwarders commission transport companies to transport the goods further inland in Europe. Coin container handling is therefore a process that involves a large number of cooperation partners and numerous processing steps. For a long time, the port regulated the communication steps involved in the manual transmission of a secret number. However, this approach was prone to errors and fraud. Thanks to the blockchain, a lot could change here.