Harald Seiz openly addresses financial market-relevant problems and the population’s concerns

With Karatbars International founded in 2011, Harald Seiz has paved the way for a golden future despite nay-sayers and critics. True to his mission that everyone should be able to afford gold, Harald Seiz has developed gold products with the smallest denominations of fine gold and thus suitable for use as a means of payment. In addition to his vocation as founder and CEO of the Karatbars, Harald Seiz is an author and visionary who has dedicated an extensive amount of time to the financial market of the future and the weakness of the present systems. His extensive knowledge of today’s debt money system and the alternatives to state currencies are the foundation for his recommendations and his assessment of the current state of affairs.

The world is falling apart, writes Harald Seiz, referring to the development of money. He sees the problems of the population, understands their concerns and points out solutions for financial security.

Think Big Harald Seiz

Gold will revolutionize the financial system | Harald Seiz

Every state monetary system is subject to political decisions and is based on the promise that the banknote with its printed value will be redeemed on the basis of the number printed on it. Harald Seiz journeys back into history to demonstrate how quickly a system can fail and a currency be devalued. The concerns about the abolition of cash and investor’s reverting to material assets as well as cryptocurrencies are also topics that Harald Seiz focuses on in detail. Even before he founded the Karatbars, he was greatly interested in gold as well as alternative means of payment. Harald Seiz does not regard today’s financial system as a sustainable long-term institution and does not mince words when it comes to the current situation of today’s money and currencies that will one day be rendered obsolete. His passion for gold is based on value stability, says Harald Seiz himself, and in this context, he cites his findings about the past and the present. As a visionary, he has many ideas and is pursuing his goal of revolutionizing the financial market and giving every citizen the opportunity to possess a means of payment with a stable value.

In the future, gold will replace our cash in the smallest denominations. Harald Seiz openly addresses the advantages openly compares them to the drawbacks of a debt currency. Even the contemporaries of Harald Seiz, who did not believe in his idea at the time Karatbars was founded, are now convinced and have recognized the value of the visionary idea.

Harald Seiz: How an idea became a company

Harald Seiz also only had one single idea when starting out, the implementation of which he planned precisely and therefore met with plenty of resistance. But with self-confidence and the belief in his success, Harald Seiz became more and more well-known and today is counted among the financial market revolutionaries who are active across borders. This interest in gold and cryptocurrencies will find out which other visions he continues to pursue and what new ideas he has in store. His understanding and ability to provide explanations of the current state of affairs are two pillars of Harald Seiz’s business. Every citizen realizes that the financial market is facing a serious and frightening change.